Author: Aimen Jehangir- Nutritionist and Writer

Step into the exciting world of health and wellness, with a hearty greeting to our nutrition expert and skilled writer! With a Masters degree in Human Nutrition and a solid background in Clinical nutrition and research, Aimen is responsible for the articles found on Nutri Insights. She has 5 years of experience in clinical nutrition where she played a crucial role in the well-being of the individuals through dietary approaches. Assessing the patients’ health conditions and nutritional needs, creating personalized meal plans to improve their health, and handling a wide range of chronic diseases and nutritional deficiencies, were some of her duties in the clinical nutrition set up. Additionally, she has an experience of 2 years as a research assistant where she participated in investigations aiming at a nutritional problem, collected the data, conducted experiments and literature reviews, and worked with multiple companies in order to provide insights to the field. Nutrition is one of her favorite topics to talk about; she is certain she can change people’s perspective about food. Aimen firmly believes in relaying factual information in an easily understandable and friendly way to capture people’s interest. Her main goal is to make the universe of nutrition enjoyable through her articles and blog posts. So, with dual experience in clinical nutrition and research assistant, and a thirst for writing, she decided to pick up her pen to impart the knowledge she gained to a relatively larger audience through this blog.

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Cooked Rice Nutritional Benefits Uncovered

Cooked rice is a staple cuisine in many cultures worldwide and a nutritional powerhouse in addition to being tasty and adaptable. Millions...

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Nutritional Values of Various Fruit Juices

In the conscious world of health and wellness, a fresh glass of fruit juice with all its mighty nutrients remains an emblem of a healthy...

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Exploring Milkshake Types and Nutrition

Did you know that a milkshake’s original recipe was written down in the 1880s?  Yes, that is accurate!...

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Carbonated Drink Nutrition Facts

Universally loved fizzy or carbonated drinks are non-alcoholic beverages that captivate our taste buds and are composed of carbonated...

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List of Non-alcoholic Drinks and Their Nutritional Values

Welcome to the colorful world of non-alcoholic drinks, where hydration meets flavor. From the thirst-quenching water to the refreshing...

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Is Nutritional Yeast a Keto-Friendly Superfood?

Craving for a cheesy flavor during keto while looking beyond the usual options? Look no further; nutritional yeast is here at your service....

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Red Grapes Nutrition: Discover Their Health Benefits

Imagine this: You are out for groceries one shiny morning, and your eyes fall on clusters of bright red juicy grapes twinkling under the...

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Sago Nutrition: Health Benefits and Culinary Delights

Step aside quinoa and Brussels sprouts, there’s a new superfood in town- Sago. As we move into the world of nutrition while discovering...

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Idli Nutrition: South Indian Delicacy’s Health Benefits

Let’s move beyond the world of fad diets and unhealthy breakfast choices; the solution to your nutritional requirements might be...

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Salmon vs. Tilapia: The Nutritional Showdown

Did you know that the per capita fish consumption as of 2021 is 19 kilograms, among which salmon and tilapia are among the top ten most...

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