About Us

Welcome to Nutri Insights, where nutrition meets a healthier and a happier you!

At Nutri Insights, we are thrilled to introduce you to the fascinating world of nutritional wisdom, where each click unlocks new and intriguing information. We believe everyone has the right to access to reliable and evidence-based information about their health. So, whether you’re here to gain some insights regarding your health, or to explore delicious recipes or even just to look for a community that shares your interests of well-being; you have definitely come to the right place.

At Nutri Insights, we believe in FACTS! Our mission is to inspire individuals to make informed decisions regarding their lifestyle choices by providing factual health information.

So join us on this exciting adventure towards a healthier you!

Meet the team:

Meet our team of experienced and dedicated individuals, who have come together to empower people on their journey to ultimate fitness:

Faraz mujeeb- Founder and designer

Faraz is the driving force behind “Nutri Insights” with 7 years of experience in website designing. As someone with an immense interest in nutrition, he envisioned a platform to provide research-based information to help people achieve their fitness goals.

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Aimen Jehangir- Nutritionist and writer

 With a Masters degree in Human Nutrition and a solid background in Clinical nutrition and research, she is responsible for the articles found on Nutri Insights.

Nutrition is one of her favourite topics to talk about; she is certain she can change people’s perspective about food. Aimen firmly believes in relaying factual information in an easily understandable and friendly way to capture people’s interest. Her main goal is to make the universe of nutrition enjoyable through her articles and blog posts.

So, with ample experience in the nutrition field, hospital setting and a thirst for writing, she decided to pick up her pen to impart the knowledge she gained to a relatively larger audience through this blog.

Our story

It all began when a web designer and a nutritionist with a shared passion of health and wellness, bumped their brains together to produce a platform where they could educate people on their food choices. As our journey expands with new topics, discoveries and recipes; we invite you to join us as we embark on an exciting journey towards a healthier and a happier life. Whether you are new to your wellness journey or an experienced health enthusiast, Nutri Insights will be your companion for lifetime!

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